Avocado & Salmon Salad

Nutrition per serve

Kcal: 329Fat: 25gSaturates: 5gProtein: 19gCarbs: 5gSugars: 4gFibre: 3gSalt: 2gIron: 0Calcium: 10mg

Prep time: 30 mins,  Cook time: 6mins,  Total time: Less than 40mins


1 Tbsp garlic infused oil

4 X Salmon, (320g)

23g Dijon mustard


Cracked black pepper 



1 small cucumber sliced, (150g)

2 cups lettuce, (150g)

60g avocado

60g Chopped spring onion green tops

45g Sliced black Olives

75g Sliced green Olives

180g Roughly chopped tomatoes, (2 large tomatoes)

150g Sliced Radishes

80g Feta cheese


18g (1 Large) Red chilli

8g Chopped fresh dill

80g Slightly Different Coriander & Lime dressing


Mix the Slightly Different Coriander & Lime dressing with chopped red chilli and dill

Chop all the salad ingredients and place in a large salad bowl and mix

Coat the salmon with Dijon mustard, cracked black pepper & salt

Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a frying pan and add the salmon. Cook both sides for three minutes using a spatula to turn the salmon over, (cook for slightly longer if you prefer the salmon crunchy)

Once cooked drizzle a small amount of the dressing mix over the salmon leaving enough dressing to mix in the salad.

Drizzle part of the remaining dressing over the salad and mix

Slice the salmon and arrange over salad. Drizzle with the remaining dressing. 

Serve with lemon wedges.

This recipe has been reviewed and approved by  Everyday Nutrition Founder and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Joanna Baker.  

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